​​​​​​​​​The International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries (iarigai) is a worldwide non-profit alliance of research institutes, academic and industrial R&D organizations, fostering networking and international cooperation in the scientific and technical research related fields. Within its scope, iarigai serves its members (as well a​​s the wider research community) as a platform for scientific exchange, strategic networking, social interaction, publishing opportunities, etc.

Currently, iarigai has members in 24 countries. iarigai has a long tradition in networking and interaction of research institutes, academia and industrial research on goals of common interest. Regular annual international research conferences are presenting a cross-section of the scientific and technical research, not only among iarigai members, but of the entire international research community as well. Altogether 42 International Research Conferences have been organized so far, each time hosted and managed by another member.​

In addition to conferences, iarigai also publishes a peer-revi​​ewed quarterly Journal of Print and Media and Technology Research. The journal offers an insight into the state of the art in these propulsive fields of research, thus making them widely available to the international community.